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Story of Things interview

Recently I shared some of my joys and inspirations in an interview with Story of Things which you can read below.

I've also expanded the products I have with Story of Things to include Embroidered wall hanging kits and Sunglasses cases alongside the Tote bags, Clutch bags and Purses already stocked on their beautifully curated website.

Story of Things Short Stories: 10 Minutes with Clare Mazitelli

Clare of Clare Mazitelli Designs creates patterns from her watercolour paintings to print on natural linen-blend fabrics. She combines these fabrics with leather and other materials to make bags, homewares and accessories, aiming to make products that are beautiful, long lasting and functional – something for people to find joy in using and want to look after and keep for a long time.

We recently caught up with the lovely Clare to find out a little bit more about what makes her tick. Read what she had to share with us below.

Wall Hanging kit

Image: Amorfo Photography | Styling: Petrina Turner Design

Tell us, who are you and what do you do?

I’m Clare Mazitelli and I design and make bags, accessories and homewares. My designs start out as paintings which I turn into patterns to have printed on beautiful quality linen fabrics.

My aim is to make products that are beautiful, long lasting and functional – something for people to find joy in using and want to look after and keep for a long time.

What do you write on forms that ask for your occupation?

I think I write something different on every form but ‘Textile Designer’ is probably the most accurate these days.

Why do you do what you do?

I am passionate about art and design and believe in the value of creating products to be cherished and enjoyed for a long time, with real meaning and soul behind them.

I feel most like me when I am designing and being creative and also love the freedom of working for myself.

Where do you create and how would you describe it in three words?

I work from home in a modest sized room and while I do feel fortunate to have a dedicated space I dream of a big studio where I can really spread out and have Open Studios and host workshops. One day!!

When I need creative inspiration, I get out of the house and either go to an exhibition or a walk in nature. I need a lot of time to myself to get in the creative head space.

Colourful Peaceful Happy

What is your tool of choice?

I love the different making processes involved in my work but when it comes to choosing a favourite tool it has to be paint – currently I’m enjoying working with both watercolours and diluted acrylics to create colourful, painterly textures for some new designs.

What does your work reveal about your personality that people might not know?
Although I can be a perfectionist, I’m also impatient and get bored easily so am always thinking about the next product or design before I’ve finished the current one.

Who are your biggest influencers?

Oh there are so many! Rachel Castle, Beci Orpin and Claire Bowditch inspire me greatly in terms of their passion, authenticity, work practices, creativity and the way they live their values.

What are you currently seeing, listening to, visiting or reading that inspires your creativity?

I love a good podcast and if I’m looking for something inspiring I can’t get enough of the Design Files Podcasts – I’m always checking to see if a new one has come out. If I have repetitive work to do then I turn to True Crime podcasts to get me through.

Who is your creative crush?

I’ve just recently discovered the art of Tegan Franks and absolutely love it. I am in awe of Bridget Bodenham’s ceramics and Tae Schmeisser’s jewellery and adore the original and distinctive paper-cut artworks of Claire from Studio Flos.

I’m definitely drawn to colour and a certain light heartedness in art and design – work that I find truly beautiful but that also makes me smile.

Who and what would be your dream collaboration?

It would be a dream to work with a furniture designer / upholsterer and incorporate my designs onto some statement chairs and other products for interiors.

What advice would you give to aspiring creatives?

My advice would be to find a way to be creative in your life in a way that really makes you excited and fulfilled and that is true to you.

I also think it’s important to surround yourself with some people that inspire you creatively and who are working/living in the way you’d like to and can be supportive of your dreams.

If you don’t have this in real life find them on Instagram and through podcasts and consume as much inspiration, advice and information as you can – there’s so much out there once you start looking and from my experience the creative communities are incredibly supportive and generous.

What do you think makes Australian design different from anywhere else in the world?

I think Australian design has a really distinctive, creative and timeless nature to it. I don’t think Australian Designers are particularly influenced by trends and so the results are quite free and sophisticated but in a light hearted way.

Besides your creative practice, what are your other passions?

I know it’s a cliché but I adore being a Mum and although I miss my kids being babies I enjoy them more and more the older they get.

I love everything to do with Art and Design and visiting all sorts of galleries, exhibitions, markets.

I also love getting out in nature and travelling (when we are allowed to!). I really enjoy exploring cities and living in London is one of the most amazing experiences of my life that I’m forever grateful that I had the opportunity to do so when I did.

Epic novel or short story?

There’s nothing like a good book I can get completely lost in. As much as I love what I do it is hard to switch off sometimes but a good fiction novel is the perfect escape. I’m just about to start Outlawed by Anna North as I keep hearing about it – it’s described as a Feminist Western - I have high expectations!

Do you read the last page first, or wait patiently for the end chapter by chapter?

I used to be terrible at skipping to the end to find out what happens but these days I enjoy the ride and am learning to slow down and be more patient.

What next?

There’s a lot happening behind the scenes this year for Clare Mazitelli Designs - watch this space!


Sunglasses case - shell print

Chevron tote bag

Visit the Story of Things website

P.S Story of Things is currently running a Mother's Day givewaway via their instagram and there are some gorgeous prizes up for grabs! Check it out on their instagram feed

Images: Amorfo Photography | Styling: Petrina Turner Design

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