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Setting up shoppable posts on Instagram

How to Instagram

UPDATE - JAN 2019: My Instagram and Facebook shops are now linked to my Shopify website rather than my Etsy store and I did this within Shopify itself. The below should hopefully still work for you if you want to connect to your Etsy store listings though!

After months of meaning to, I have finally set up shoppable posts on my Instagram account. I had been putting it off as it seemed complicated to set up and I couldn’t find a simple, single set of instructions to follow that applied to me. I’m really glad to have done it as I think it will be useful to my followers/customers and I'm sharing how I did it in the hope it might be of use to others in the same boat!

Instagram post

This set of instructions is relevant if you want to do what I have done and send your followers/customers to your Etsy listings. If you have a Shopify or similar website there may be a plug-in for you to use on your website so check that out first as it may integrate directly with your Facebook catalogue.

1. Check the following:

There are a few things to check before you can begin:

  • Your Instagram account needs to be a business account rather than a personal account (you can check/change this by going to you Instagram profile menu and opening up Settings)

  • Your Instagram account needs to be connected to your Facebook business page (again you can check/change this as above in Settings – Linked Accounts)

  • Check that you have the latest version of the Instagram app (you should be able to check this if you go to where you purchase your apps from)

2. Set up a Shopping Catalogue on your Facebook Business page:

  • Log in to Facebook on your desktop / laptop and go to your business Facebook page (click the arrow on the far right of the top, blue menu bar to find Your Pages)

  • Click on Settings (just under the above arrow, next to Help)

  • Now in the left hand, side menu click on Edit Page, scroll to the bottom of the page and click Add a Tab and choose Shop

  • Now go out of Settings and on to your page (you can do this by clicking on Page at the top, left)

  • In the left hand, tab menu click on Shop

  • Check the I agree to the Merchant Terms and Policies box, then click Continue

  • Choose Check Out on Another Website and click Continue.

  • Choose the currency you want to use and click Save



3. Add your products to your new Facebook catalogue

  • Still within the Shop tab, click on Add Product, upload at least one photo, fill in the price, details and add the link to the item in your Etsy store
  • Do this for any products you would like to tag in your Instagram posts. They may say ‘pending...’ for a few minutes (well it was only that long for mine so hopefully no longer for yours!) 

 Facebook shop product

4. Wait…

  • Now you just need to wait until you receive a notification in Instagram. It took about 24 hours for mine to come through but apparently it can take a few days

  • The notification will pop up and say Start Tagging Products on Instagram. Click on Get Started and follow the prompts

  • Once this is done you will be able to tag your products in your images just as you would tag a person/Instagram account

  • (If you don’t receive a notification you can check in your Instagram Settings, under Business Settings, to see if you have a link there for Shopping.)

5. Create your first shoppable post

  • Create a post like you normally would

  • Add your caption and underneath Tag People you will now see Tag Products. Click on this and the products in your Facebook catalogue will appear for you to choose.

  • You can tag multiple items and can also go back and tag previous posts if you like




I really hope this has been useful to you and you are feeling as relieved as I did to finally have this set up and running! x 

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