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Meet the Maker Week

About Meet the Maker

Last week I participated in the #MeetTheMakerWeek instagram challenge organised by Joanne Hawker. It was wonderful to get to know other Designer/Makers, see their work and snoop around their work spaces. I also realised it would make a great first blog post!


Clare Mazitelli


My second post for #MeetTheMakerWeek is for the theme 'what' - I design fabric and make bags, cushions and accessories. My designs start out as watercolour paintings which I turn into patterns to print on linen and linen blend fabrics. It's hard to pick a favourite step (I even love packing orders 🙊) but if I had to pick something it's probably the initial painting of my patterns in watercolour - I find it really relaxing and enjoy seeing how my designs evolve as I go although sometimes I don't know when to stop!

Where, when and workspace

Today's #MeetTheMakerWeek post is for the theme 'Where and When'. My workspace is a tiny but perfectly formed corner of the loft space in my home in Brighton, UK. I couldn't have picked a more perfect city to start my business as it is brimming with creative designer/makers, indie shops and markets. I can actually see the sea from here👆 ok so I might have to stand up, stretched through the roof window to see it but still - how amazing is that?!! I've got two very little ones at home so get up here any chance I get - usually once they've gone to bed in the evening.


It's day four of #MeetTheMakerWeek and today's post is for 'Why'. I've sort of always wanted to do something like this but it wasn't until I was on leave with my second child that I'd had enough head space to focus my ideas and actually make it happen - lots of time to think during middle-of-the-night feeds! As well as enabling me to do something I love and enjoy I wanted something super flexible to fit around my two little ones. I came to the realisation that it was 'now or never' so set a date, made a plan and here I am giving it a go. I really enjoy the end-to-end nature of running a small creative business like this - from the very beginning of jotting down ideas in my sketch book, to holding a finished item in my hand, packing it up and sending it on its way to an actual customer.

Action or progress

My fifth post for #MeetTheMakerWeek is for the theme 'Action or Progress'. Here is some cushion fabric getting ready to have velvet piping attached. I bit the bullet and bought a sewing machine a year ago but quickly realised the skills I remembered from Year 8 textiles weren't quite going to cut it. I turned to YouTube and after a lot of determination and practice (aka un-picking and swearing 🙊) I'm now able to sew.


It's time for my final post for #MeetTheMakerWeek - phew! Today's theme is 'Shop'. My items are stocked in my Etsy store (there's a link in my profile) and if I can make enough stock I'd really love to do some markets next year so will be on the look out for opportunities to do that. Thanks so much @joannehawker for organising this - I've really enjoyed getting to know other designer/makers on here.

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