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Create your own wall art with native plants

How to Style

I absolutely love indoor plants but am not the best at looking after them so I really like this idea to bring more plant life inside without the maintenance! 

Framed flower

What you will need:

  • Leaves and flowers (I recommend using a lot so you can choose the best ones to frame once they are dry)
  • Glass picture frames
  • Paper towel
  • Double sided sticky tape
  • Some large, heavy books (that you're happy not to read for a while!)

Step 1

Place your leaves and flowers between two layers of paper towel, being careful not to overlap where possible. Then place inside the pages of a book leaving big sections between and using more than one book if necessary. Pile plenty of other books on top and leave to dry for at least two weeks.

Step 2

Check your flowers and leaves are dry and remove them carefully so you can lay them all out and see which you like best.

Pressed native leaves and flowers

Step 3

Choose your favourites and try some different layouts on top of your glass frames. Once you're happy, carefully stick them in place to the back piece of glass using double sided tape.

Step 4

Place the front piece of glass on top, put your frame back together and you're all done!

Now you just need to decide where to hang your new piece of art! These look especially fabulous as part of a gallery wall or in a window frame

Framed leaves

 If you like this, pop on over to my Pinterest board where I've saved lots of other inspiration and ideas for things to make from nature.


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