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How to make a tassel

How to Tassel

These instructions are for making a large tassel like I put on my tote bags however can easily be adapted to make all sorts of tassels in all sorts of sizes.

What you need

1 x skein of embroidery thread
1 x 30cm piece of embroidery thread in contrasting / complimentary colour
3 x beads
1 x yarn needle
1 x pair of scissors
1 x comb



Step 1

  • Pull out and cut a 15cm piece of thread from the main skein

  • Fold it in half and tie a knot to create a loop at one end

  • Thread the two open ends through the needle and slide on your beads

  • Tie a knot after the beads

  • Take the two open ends again and tie around the middle of the skein of embroidery thread

Step 2

  • Fold the skein in half

  • Take your piece of contrasting thread, lie it along the folded skein from bottom to top and fold over at the top to create a small loop before wrapping it around itself the skein about six times (see video– it’s hard to explain this bit!)

  • Thread the end through the loop you created and then pull down on the opposite end of thread

  • Now thread both ends through the needle and then thread the need;e through the middle of your tassel

Step 3

  • Now for the fun part!!

  • Smooth your tassel down and use your scissors to cut straight across the bottom 

  • Give it all a good comb

  • Then give it one final trim to neaten up all the ends


All done!!

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