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Creating a look book / style board

Style Style board

I've had a lovely response to my style boards so thought I'd write a blog post with my approach to putting them together for anyone who's interested!

While I've been building these primarily to showcase my products the same ideas could also be used to build an outfit/style around something you own already but haven't figured out how to wear yet or even beyond clothes and accessories to home and interior styles.

Gold style board

My boards are generally focused on the current or upcoming season. It's likely to be the sort of look people are interested in and of course it is also what's appearing in stores at the time so is easy to find products and current trends when browsing shopping sites.

To begin with I add any items I think might work to a general Pinterest board like 'Summer style' along with images of my products. Once I have plenty of images I further categorise into more specific colour or style themes, with each of these categories focused around a single one of my products or patterns as pictured below.

I tend to go for a sort of weekend/casual style that's also fairly classic as this is a look I imagine my customers wearing with the Everyday Tote bags in particular. I have however also done a wedding style board for a couple of my purses and clutches to show how these could complement a dressed-up look too!

Choosing brands

More than anything, the pictures need to be attractive, clean and clear and need to sit well with my products. I feature a lot from Anthropologie as not only do I love the style, the pictures often have coloured backgrounds that complement my products perfectly.

Although I do tend to feature items I'd like to own myself I try to choose items my customers would like or that might be similar to what they would wear. It's fun 'shopping' without worrying about actually needing to be able to afford it all!

I'd love to feature more independent brands and will be looking to do that more in future.

Apps, tools etc

I use Pinterest to collect all the images and categorise them - it's perfect for this and also allows me to have a somewhat cohesive Pinterest page for my business that doesn't just include images of my own products.

I then use a collage app on my phone called 'In Collage' to showcase each one and share in Instagram and Facebook.


Thanks for reading!


To see more from my style boards find me over in Pinterest

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