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Create a tassel keyring from fabric

Fabric How to Style Tassel

Use any piece of woven fabric to make a beautiful tassel keyring. This DIY is perfect for making use of something you might otherwise throw away like an old scarf you no longer wear or leftover fabric from another project and the instructions can easily be adapted to make all sorts of tassels in all sorts of sizes.

What you need

1 x piece of woven fabric (such as linen or cotton) measuring approx 26cm x 9cm
1 x 60cm piece of embroidery thread in contrasting / complimentary colour
1 x 2.5cm wide lobster clasp or split ring
1 x yarn needle
1 x pair of scissors
1 x comb

fabric and tools

Step 1

  • Start pulling out the threads from one of the short ends (see image). Depending how tightly your fabric has been woven you might like to use an un-picker or tweezers.
  • Keep going until you reach 9cm in from the end
  • Do the same from the other end of the fabric

Pulling threads

Step 2

  • Turn the fabric over and fold the two long sides in to the centre and then fold in again
  • Thread through the lobster clasp until it is in the centre and then fold down the two sides of fabric to meet each other
  • (Use clips to hold in place if needed)

Making a tassel

    Step 3

    • Take your piece of embroidery thread, lie it along the tassel from bottom to top and fold over to create a small loop before wrapping it around the fabric six times (see image– it’s hard to explain this bit!)
    • Thread the end through the loop you created and then pull down on the opposite end of thread
    • Tie a double knot to keep in place 
    • Now thread both ends through the needle and then thread the needle through the middle of your tassel

    Making a tassel

      Step 4

      • Now for the fun part!!
      • Smooth your tassel down and use your scissors to cut straight across the bottom 
      • Give it all a good comb
      • Then give it one final trim to neaten up all the ends

         Fabric tassels

        All done!! You can even make smaller tassels from the threads you've pulled out!

        Order a DIY kit!

        If you'd like to make some using my fabric (as in the images on this page) take a look at my DIY kits here. Aaand if you'd prefer to buy one already made you'll also see read-made options on that page too.


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