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Create a eucalyptus wall hanging

How to Style

Here's another Australian native flora DIY to pretty up your walls!

eucalyptus wall hanging

What you will need

  • Eucalyptus leaves/branches 
  • Stick or length of dowel (I used a stick about 15cm long)
  • String

what you need

Step 1

Separate your sticks and leaves into seperate lengths and lay them out to see how they look together and trim as you like. Obviously your wall hanging can be as big or small as you like but for mine I used 5 branches of small leaves, each about 20cm long.

Step 2

Tie some string around the end of the branch and then loop and tie around the hanging stick or dowel, leaving an even space between each one. I found it easiest to tie the middle one first, followed by the outer two and then the two inbetween.

tie leaves to dowel

Step 3

Tie another piece of string (for mine I used a piece about 30cm long) to each end of your stick or dowel and you're ready to hang your new wall hanging!

How easy was that?! Now go and add it to your gallery wall along with last month's DIY.

gallery wall

For more ideas like this, pop on over to my Pinterest board where I've saved lots of other inspiration for things to make from nature.


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